With rising unemployment and a rapid onset of the need to redefine ‘work’, how do we define what the future of work will look like, what it would mean and especially for whom? India is in the demographic dividend phase with the world’s largest youth population. And, according to an International Labour Organization’s report, the country has 90% of the current workforce in the informal economy. In this scenario, the questions become more pronounced. Through innovation that is social in purpose, systemic in nature, and inclusive by design, we envision to create systemic change for powering sustainable livelihoods for youth and women. For this, we listen to multi-stakeholder perspectives through dialogue, find answers through co-creation, prototype solutions, and share our learnings to accelerate impact at scale.

Entrepreneurship-led job creation

Our people are inherently entrepreneurial, yet they find it difficult to set up and run enterprises with ease. Thus, our initiatives focus on continuous innovation, action, and learning to promote entrepreneurship at scale. These initiatives identify aspirations, unleash latent energies among communities, especially women and the youth, and build positive ecosystems so that micro entrepreneurs continue to thrive on a sustained basis.

Robust local ecosystems

To strengthen micro entrepreneurs, farmers, and artisans, and enable them to realise economies of scale, we promote cluster development programmes. An agglomeration of small-scale industrial units, a cluster is a thriving ecosystem for a sustainable and inclusive economy. These interventions are focused on value-chain development or building local ecosystems so that capacity building, technology, and marketing support services are made available to entrepreneurs on a sustained basis.

Job Seekers to Job Makers

We work towards a systemic change in which millions of ‘job seekers’ become ‘job makers’ within their communities. We build capacities of individuals as well as of communities through our tools and processes. We bring together multi-stakeholders and strengthen partnerships to create systemic shifts towards #JobsWeMake


Decent Work

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Empowering Communities

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Sustainable Enterprise

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