India has become the fastest in renewable energy capacity addition among major economies with over 100 GW of renewable energy capacity added by the end of 2021 and visioning for 500 GW by 2030. Clean and renewable energy for the poor and vulnerable rural communities is one of our major focus areas. Our technology innovation initiatives help operationalise and decentralise renewable energy solutions in rural areas.

Landscape Assessment of State-level Climate Financing Options: A Report

The report on ‘Landscape Assessment of State Level Climate Financing Options’ aims to assess the current landscape of climate mitigation in clean energy finance, by identifying, comparing and evaluating existing initiatives for tracking finance. Different sections of the report focus on the financing options available for the Indian states to enable renewable energy development.

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Mitigation and Adaptation Information Network for Sustainable Communities: Decentralised Renewable Energy in India: A Compendium of Case Studies

This compendium has been prepared as a part of project "Developing a Knowledge base for Energy Efficiency and Decentralized Renewable Energy in India" under the umbrella of MAIN - Mitigation and Adaptation Information Network for Sustainable Living. Conceptualization, Content Design and Analysis Anne Solgaard Anand Kumar Neelam Rana Kavita Syal Mustafa Ali Khan Photo Credits Development Alternatives Contributory Organizations Barefoot College, Village-Tilonia, Rajasthan Husk Power Systems Private Limited, Bihar Development Alternatives, New Delhi The compendium seeks to capture the essence of the community based projects addressing decentralized renewable energy projects, practices and opportunities. The projects have demonstrated, or are expected to facilitate sharing and learning through the unique expediences of innovative models for decentralized renewable energy.

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