The agriculture sector in India is facing the daunting task of feeding its rapidly expanding population; a task that seems increasingly uphill in the context of multiple challenges of climate change impacts, resource degradation, and competing land demands, amongst others. We work with small and marginal farmers across India to build inclusive and locally sustainable farming models. We seek to bring improvement in economic wellbeing of farmers through enhanced productivity and profitability.

Wadi - Enabling Small Farmers to Secure their Livelihoods: A Photobook

This photobook is a compendium of case studies that describes the journey of the wadi establishment process. It covers the scientific principles of agro-ecology that enable an optimal and sustainable utilisation of the productive potential of land, while offering significant ecological co-benefits that help the degraded land to regenerate itself.

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Buliding Resilience in Agriculture for Food Security

This document is an outcome of a project titled "Building Resilience in Agriculture for Food Security", funded by Heinrich Boll Foundation, for the economic development, social empowerment and environment management of our society. The focus of this paper is to study the challenges and opportunities in agriculture systems in semi-arid rain fed regions of India for increasing capacity of food production systems in a resilient and sustainable manner. Agriculture interventions, related to technology and community models are studied for its impact on three components: food production, income generation and natural resource management.

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