Decent work is central to the efforts for poverty reduction and is a path to achieve equitable, inclusive, and sustainable development. India has the largest youth population in the world with a large informal economy of about 90%. The country grapples with the challenge of low-paid jobs, poor working conditions, and unemployment. With most opportunities based in urban areas, regional imbalances in job creation and limited access to jobs and skilling opportunities, especially for rural population, the country needs effective solutions to deal with the decent work deficit.

Dream To Lead

In Madhya Pradesh, Development Alternatives conducted a project, titled ‘Linking Adolescent Girls and Boys of Jhabua to Livelihood through Skill Enhancement for Better Future’, from October 2018 to December 2019. Funded by UNICEF, the project aimed to improve the decision-making ability of adolescents and the youth in Jhabua, and help them in realising their potential of working in different fields. This compendium showcases the outcomes of the project in the form of stories of Adolescent Girls and Boys of Jhabua who have been able to secure their future by getting linked to livelihood opportunities.

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Between the Lines

The Work4Progress programme aims to create a culture of entrepreneurship in rural communities of India. Central to the programme’s journey are the youth, men, and women entrepreneurs who are the job creators and change makers. Each of them has a unique story to tell. Their 'stories of change' and spirit of entrepreneurship inspire and guide all those who encounter them – creating positive shifts in local narratives. ‘Between the Lines’ encapsulates the journey of some of these entrepreneurs.

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